Airplay Policy

Thanks for your interest in the music and ministry of 88.3 WAFJ radio.
Here’s some information for you about songs submitted to us for airplay.

Our goals:
To encourage people and strengthen the Church through contemporary Christian music & media.
To reach as many people as possible with the music we play. We have a specific focus on 25-54 year old listeners and play Adult Contemporary Christian music.
To proclaim the truth of Christ by playing the very best music available to us.

How do we decide what we play?
Quality: Our standard is to play the best written, best produced, best performed songs and artists. All of the music we play must be professionally produced and recorded (no “home grown” recordings). Our experience has shown that major label support has most often provided the artist with a framework of spiritual accountability, people and resources that help develop their gifts and ministry, and resources to create quality art. We require the same quality you hear on recordings from Casting Crowns, Third Day, Francesca Battistelli and others you hear on 88.3 WAFJ.
Spiritual Content: Songs should conform to lyrical criteria, as determined by the Program Director and Station Manager. Lyrics need to be included with all submitted music.
Availability: The music we play has to be available for purchase by consumers and listeners in all parts of our listening area.

Please understand:
We would love to play every sincere artist on the air, but, unfortunately, we can’t. We receive a LOT of music! We review new music from labels hosted on PLAYMPE as time allows. We don’t listen to emailed MP3’s. Please understand that very few songs (out of the many we receive) – will actually get played on the air.

Be involved in your local Christian music scene.
We’re blessed to have many active churches and ministries in the area. Use these opportunities to gain experience and share what’s on your heart. Play wherever you can, whenever you can. Be faithful where you are, and let God open the doors HE wants to open for your musical creations.

Use our Family Calendar.
This will help get the word out about you, your music and your upcoming concerts. Submit the information here on our website under the Events tab.

Support 88.3 WAFJ with your prayers.
Investing in the lives of our listeners through the ministry of prayer is a powerful way to make a connection with them.

Please keep in mind:
Airplay on WAFJ is certainly not the “be all, end all.” If the Lord is directing you into music ministry, do not let a radio station frustrate you or your calling. If getting airplay on the radio (our station or anywhere else) is the ultimate measurement of your musical career, you may want to reconsider what you are doing.

Keep at it!
Some of the most familiar artists you’re familiar with were rejected several times by radio stations and others in their first few tries. Not all music…even all GREAT music …is a good “fit” for radio airplay! We realize that one of the hardest things to do is tell someone their music is not appropriate radio airplay. Music is a very personal thing, and as an artist, your music is like your “baby.” We are not saying YOU are not good enough, or that the Lord can’t use you. Our management and staff ask for your prayers, that we would be led by God in making these daily decisions.

A few helpful resources:
Gospel Music Association
1205 N Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203

Hack your Hit – Free and cheap marketing tips for musicians by Jay Frank

Kyle Fenton Promotions
112th Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
Office number (503) 563-5295
Mobile number is (615) 260-5953.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. We hope you’ve found it helpful. We’re excited about the tremendous talent that is expressed through Christian music not just in the CSRA, but all over the world. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord will continue to use this powerful tool to touch many hearts and lives until the day Jesus returns! Please pray that God will daily give us His wisdom in all of the decisions and opportunities that are presented to us. May God bless you as you live to serve Him and share your faith in Christ.

-Steve Swanson, Music Director 88.3 WAFJ