Thursday, 18 July, 2013
06:30 PM
God's Groovy Mission
609 Shartom Drive
Augusta, GA 30909
Mike McGahee
Phone: 706-495-4077
The Internet - Computers - WiFi - Smart Phones - Hi Def - Home Theater Audio/Video Help and Support for all things Technology Free, Informal and open to the Public Geared for beginner and intermediate usersAre you struggling to keep up with the fast pace of new Technology?Do you want to set up and use WiFi in your home? Do you have WiFi security enabled or is someone using your Internet without your knowledge?Is your computer running slow all of a sudden?Do you have strange windows popping up all over while you are on the Internet?What is Hi Def and why do I want it?Why does the Audio and video need to be calibrated on my new Home Theater System?Do you sometimes feel that your new Smart Phone is smarter than you are? †Meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month 6:30PM at Godís Groovy Mission 609 Shartom Drive (The Augusta Business Center) behind Applebeeís on Washington Rd in Augusta GA. Meetings lead by Mike McGahee Certified Technician with 20 years experience in the IT Field Sponsored by Godís Groovy Mission and Computer Services of Augusta, LLC For more information call 706-495-4077 or visit