Wills and Trusts

New Featured Benefit for 88.3 WAFJ Supporters and their Families.

We recently learned that over 60% of Americans do not have a will or trust, and another 30-35% are either poorly written or outdated, we looked for a way to help those in our giving family who might have this need.

We are excited to announce a very special benefit, which we’ve made available to “Thank you” for your continued and faithful support.

88.3 WAFJ has partnered with Financial Planning Ministry to make this benefit possible. More than a nonprofit, they are a ministry designed to help provide wills and trusts for church members and other nonprofits ministries, like ours.

If you have an outdated will or trust, or if you need to have one written to protect you and your family, we encourage you to join one of our upcoming live webinars or in-person seminars listed below.

Because you are a supporting part of our listening family, their services are offered at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

If this is a benefit that you believe will help protect you and your family, we encourage you to attend a seminar or webinar to learn more. There is no obligation or commitment to attend this informational session.

Take a moment to help protect yourself and your assets for your family.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Ed Maner, our Director of Operations at 941-201-1655.

Upcoming Live Webinar

Tuesday August 29th | 7:00 PM EST
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“So appreciate what you guys are doing. I am floored that I have not learned about this extremely important stuff before now. Our school systems need to fix this. I am very grateful that you are teaching me now. Thank you and I am very excited to move forward and learn more!”

“I had no idea how much risk I put my family in by not having a living trust done. This was a truly eye-opening webinar. Now I rest easier at night knowing that my trust will soon be complete.”

“I had a will done when my children were young. Now, 30 years later, it is long overdue for an update. I’m thankful for this partnership and the blessing it will be for my family, and with no out of pocket costs, it is a double blessing to know my family will be protected.”

Ed Maner

Director of Operations



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