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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


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Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2015 09:31:46 AM

A friend delivered her baby son at 23 weeks. He is now one week and two days old and his life is up-and-down day to day, prayer to prayer, trying to stay stable. We have many people praying for God to continue the miracle of his life, so please join us!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2015 09:19:32 AM

Please pray for my 4 children. They are all grown but far away from God, and don't have any Godly influences in their lives at the present time. I have triplets that are 25 and 18 year old daughter who just graduated from school and is on a course to disaster if she continues the way she is going. Please pray God will let no weapons formed against them prosper and that he will surround his angels around all of them.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2015 09:03:58 AM

Please pray for my son who is addicted to drugs. He's only 20 and has a child.

Prayer Request

posted on 09/04/2015 09:01:08 AM

Lord Jesus, in faith I speak and believe that thee work that you have begun in my grandson that you are well able to complete. You know the depression he is dealing with, but Lord, I know that you are a God of peace and provision. Help him to realize your power when one fully submits to your will, you work all things together for the good of those who love you. Draw him to you through your love.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2015 06:38:30 AM

I pray that I have a great school day. I pray for wisdom for the test I have and focus for all of my classes. I also pray for my football game. I pray for a great game and I pray that my team and I have fun and play football.

Prayer Request

Becky posted on 09/03/2015 4:42:31 PM

Yesterday was my friend's eighteenth birthday, and her mom died suddenly! Please pray for her.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/03/2015 09:34:31 AM

Please pray for my son. He is working and attending college. Stress and anxiety levels are high and he gets discouraged. I know God has a plan for his life and I pray that my son will stay focused and keep his eye on God. I pray for God's peace and wisdom for him during this challenging time.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/01/2015 3:44:14 PM

Please pray for me to get a good job with benefits so I can help my husband and family financially and prosper individually. Also, please pray for my son who is being challenged in his faith in who Jesus is. He has many questions I am answering, but those answers do not seem good enough for him. Please pray for my husband who works out of town. Please pray for the reunification of my daughter, who has special needs, and is in another state to us her family.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/01/2015 12:34:21 PM

My ex-husband is in critical condition. He is the father of my young children. He has a drinking problem and hasn't seen them in nearly 8 years. I know that he is not a bad person but shame has led him to drink and not take responsibility. Shame to a point where he became dangerous. He has a medley of life threatening complications and the doctors aren't giving him much hope. I want to pray for his soul, his recovery and my children.

Prayer Request

Frank posted on 09/01/2015 12:17:40 PM

Please pray for our niece. She was in a car accident and broke her neck in two places and is in the hospital.