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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/25/2016 07:37:22 AM

My husband and I have gone through two miscarriages in 3 years and are asking for prayer as we begin to see a fertility specialist. We pray that God gives him wisdom for how to best treat my special case and that ultimately I will be able to successfully carry children in His perfect timing. We also have our house on the market and are requesting prayer that God send the perfect buyer.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/24/2016 9:49:46 PM

My wife and I are under a contract to sell our townhouse. We keep running into problems, and I'm starting to get very stressed. I already have high blood pressure. I just want to feel peace about the situation and for it to be over with.

Praise Report

Debbie posted on 04/23/2016 12:46:24 PM

I appreciate everyone who has taken time out to pray for me. God hears all our prayers and I know that. I do want my Faith, Trust and obedience to be in Him and Him alone. I am thankful to God for all His prayer people who desire to lift up these prayers to Him. Thank you Jesus for peace and answered prayers. I love you Lord!

Praise Report

Anonymous posted on 04/23/2016 07:55:09 AM

My husband has cut back on his cigarettes. He is surprised. I am not. Thanks for your many prayers for the above miracle.

Prayer Request

Kevin posted on 04/22/2016 11:20:30 PM

Please pray for my daddy as he has been having some back issues and after having an MRI they discovered some spots on his spine that they are concerned about. They did some blood test but probably won't know anything until Monday. If you would take the time to pray for him we would really appreciate it!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/22/2016 2:36:32 PM

Urgent prayer needed for my husband's job situation. We would like to receive good news today, that he has been hired by the other company.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/22/2016 2:33:05 PM

My husband is very sick and needs to go to the doctor. He will not listen to me. He spends money on things like cigarettes and rum.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/22/2016 1:42:57 PM

Praying and requesting prayers for a financial blessing, as I know we all probably need one, but I have been struggling for a long time and would just pray the Lord bestow his grace upon me and bless me financially if it be His will.

Prayer Request

WC posted on 04/22/2016 12:56:35 PM

I am trying to put my family back together and my ex is wanting to quit. I know we can do this with God's help, but he can't let go of his anger. Please pray that God would soften his heart and lift his spirit, that he would let go of "self" and that we would both see each other as God sees us.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/21/2016 11:37:54 PM

For a family member and a team mate who are gay. Also, pray for a friend's teacher who lost her husband in a car accident Sunday night.