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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/10/2014 5:40:48 PM

Please pray for a 5 year old who was diagnosed this past weekend with a rare disease called Aplastic Anemia. He will need a total bone marrow transplant immediately. We are praying for a miracle, that God will heal him completely. His sister was tested Monday to see if she is a match. If she is not, the search will begin outside the family to find a match. This family has a long road ahead of them as he will need to stay in the hospital until a match is found, and for months after while in the healing process. Please pray for this sweet little boy and his family.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/10/2014 08:27:14 AM

Please pray for me, my husband and our baby son. We are having a very hard time with our marriage right now due to some of his family issues. I pray we can work through all of this, not only for our marriage sake, but for my son as well. I want him to grow up with his father and I happily married.

Prayer Request

Brad posted on 06/10/2014 01:45:01 AM

Pray that my wife's eyes will be open to the decisions she's making and that our marriage will be spared.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/09/2014 5:10:25 PM

Please pray for both of my sons. One son is separated from his wife and infant son. Please pray for them to reconcile and be the family they need to be for each other and their son. Please help my other son who is struggling with issues due to being in Afghanistan and wounded. Please pray he finds a great job and can get his life moving in positive direction. Please heal my broken family.

Prayer Request

anonymous posted on 06/09/2014 12:38:29 PM

Pray that I can learn to live for God better than I do right now and that I can also learn to pray better for people and the whole world.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/09/2014 12:26:12 PM

Pray for a single mom who is struggling with a major decision.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/09/2014 07:19 AM

My first husband died 12 years ago. We have 2 grown children (24 years old). I recently got remarried 3 years ago, and my husband and my kids do not get along. I pray that God will bring their relationship together because it is killing me inside. I have to live separate lives just to spend time with my children. Also, my new husband's personality is troubling. He is an alcoholic and it lays a very heavy burden on our marriage. He is trying to quit yet it brings his personality to hostile and unapproachable. He is what I call a cold Christian and he has an unforgiving heart right now. I love my God, and I pray to him every night that he will show me the way.

Prayer Request

Kim posted on 06/08/2014 02:37:11 AM

Please pray that our family is healed and brought back together. Pray that our prayers are being heard and our answers will come. Pray that our questions will be heard and guide us the right direction. Please pray that we will become one again.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/06/2014 09:45:02 AM

Please pray that the Lord will put a stop to the financial drain that my family is experiencing. It seems like anything that can break is broken. We are struggling to get ahead as it is and now with all this happening we are falling behind. We need a blessing!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 06/05/2014 9:20:54 PM

Please pray for our son who is struggling with alcoholism.