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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/09/2014 12:27:41 PM

My best friend's friend died. He died suddenly and left a family of four.

Prayer Request

Jenny posted on 04/09/2014 07:07:48 AM

Please keep my friend in prayer. She has cancer and has had it for some years now. She has been very strong in the process of healing but complications have started. She is in her 30's with a husband and 3 children. She has a huge support group and I know there is healing in prayer to our Mighty God. Help us in this journey for her to move her mountain.

Prayer Request

CYANN posted on 04/09/2014 12:43:51 AM

Please pray that my daughter passed 6th grade. I am also praying she and her brother will be be a Godly and responsible. Thank the Lord for answered prayers in Jesus name! Amen.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 8:45:07 PM

Please pray for my daughter going through some very serious marital issues. She is devastated. thank you

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 4:47:56 PM

Please pray for me. I am having trouble at work. I received only three days of training when I first started this job and the person who trained me left for a while and is now only in and out the office. I feel like there is a sense of resentment toward me because I took over their position. I do the very best job that I can with what little training I received, but they seem to find fault in everything that I try to do. I have gone above and beyond to have a friendship with this person. I say hello, compliment them and try to join in on casual conversations, but feel unwanted. I cry and pray a lot while at work. I feel very intimidated by this person and scared to ask for help. I still ask, but I have to take a deep breath and pray before I do. Lord help me.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 4:35:22 PM

Please pray for my best friend.it is a hard situation for he and his daughter right now.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 2:33:30 PM

Please pray for nephews that God will bring christian men into their lives as role models. Please pray for them and their employment. Both need good jobs. Thanks!!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 09:44:52 AM

Please pray for an extra week of vacation for us.

Prayer Request

Vanessa posted on 04/08/2014 09:21:42 AM

I've moved to Augusta with my 2 year old son to take a great job that I love! However, it has take us away from my husband and our home during the week (we do go home on weekends) leaving me to act as a single mom 5 days out of the week. It is very difficult sometimes and my heart goes out to all those truly single moms out there...I don't know how you do it, God bless you! I suppose if you could just pray for my sanity, lol, and our overall situation. We needed this job for us to have the money to fix up our house that my husband is working on with what little money we are able to save. Our hope is that it can be finished within the next 2 years, God willing. Sooner would be better =)

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 04/08/2014 08:14:01 AM

Please pray for my mom, she's been battling liver cancer and the past few weeks things have been really tough. Please pray for miraculous healing.