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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/05/2014 11:26:06 AM

He doesn't spend a whole lot of time with him, but every time my boyfriend spends time with this particular friend he starts acting different towards me. He starts becoming distant and withdrawn. Please pray that the Lord will remove this thorn from our relationship!

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/05/2014 09:29 AM

The Lord restored a broken relationship that ended due to issues that cause fear etc. in him from past situations. Through much prayer over the past year, the Lord restored the relationship. Things have been going so well for a month and a half now. I have seen changes for the good and a difference in him. However, this past week he has become distant. I talked to him last night and he apologized and said, 'I'm messed up". This to me is just Satan trying to tear him/us apart again because he doesn't like the fact that the Lord has worked and is continuing to work good in him. Battles are won on our knees and I am asking you to please be on your knees with me praying the Lord to be BIG in this relationship, shut Satan DOWN and not let him rip him away again with fear. Pray he can over come it and not be scared to care, feel and have something good in his life. Something good with me!

Praise Report

Anonymous posted on 09/05/2014 09:00:43 AM

Praising God for work for my husband - even if it is temporary - we accept God's will and blessings.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/05/2014 08:57:34 AM

My world is filled with sickness, permanent disability, mind games from family members and unrest. I seek peace every minute of every day. Some days I am so mentally exhausted as a caregiver. Lord hear my prayer.

Prayer Request

james blackstone posted on 09/05/2014 08:51:44 AM

My friend in Texas had a bike wreck Monday morning. He is in ICU with a swollen brain and broken bones in his face, He is also in a coma. He has a fever and now has a lung infection. Please pray for him, his wife, and daughter for God's healing and peace in this time.

Prayer Request

Lavonne posted on 09/05/2014 05:58:19 AM

I have been praying and looking for a job for over a year. I finally found a good job with benefits and began on August 4th. I am in my last week of training and am struggling with all of the things that I have learned or not learned I should say. It seems that most of the others in the class (much younger than me) are having a much easier time grasping all of this technology. I pray that God be with me as I officially take over my position the upcoming week and that I do well.

Prayer Request

Shonika posted on 09/04/2014 7:38:52 PM

I would like to send a prayer request for my brother . He is Sick at Emory hospital

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2014 6:56:56 PM

Please God, spread positive energy, positive change, and solutions across the world. In Jesus Christ Name I pray and say Thank you Amen

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/04/2014 11:44:58 AM

My heart is heavy and burdened. Pray please that the lord will fill me with what I need today.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 09/03/2014 10:54:20 PM

Please pray for the home going service for a dear friend on Thursday--Please pray for her family and friends to feel God's comfort and presence during this difficult time. As she would say this is not goodbye--we will be together again!