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Prayer is a very important part of our ministry at 88.3 WAFJ. We pray for your needs on-air three times each weekday at 6:40 AM, 11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Our 24-hour prayer line is available at 1-877-800-PRAY


Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/22/2016 12:21:48 PM

I would like prayers for a man that is suffering with many issues. He has become very mean and cruel and needs our Father to touch his heart mind and soul. I pray that he be healed of his anger and hate and learn to love and turn to God for all his needs!

Praise Report

Heather posted on 01/22/2016 10:58:57 AM

Thanks to God that I am calming down and not so distraught after my husband telling me that he is not in love with me. He still loves me a lot though and wants to work on things and cares about my well-being. We have been married for a total of 15 years and have 3 children.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/22/2016 10:30:36 AM

Things are being preached at my church that I don't feel are biblically correct. I have been at this church all my life. I feel like maybe I should leave. I have been praying, I have talked to Christian family (not members of my church) I just don't know what to do. Please pray for me to do Jesus will in my life. I am just so confused. I just want to serve Jesus and be in church that teaches the truth.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/21/2016 11:05:38 PM

I am battling depression still. I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I have two daughters getting married this year. We have wasted money and not honored God for our blessings. I ask forgiveness. I want to believe in forgiveness...I have witnessed grace. I ask God to heal me. My bold request is my husband finds a job that will pay more so I can heal mentally.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/21/2016 8:27:55 PM

Please pray for my wife's aunt. She is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Prayer Request

Ashley posted on 01/21/2016 2:02:24 PM

Please pray that we get a good response from the state representatives and the governor. We are trying to get my son, who was diagnosed with a rare disease that causes developmental delay and seizures, on the Cannabis Oil trial. Only, the trial has been closed due to funding. We have exhausted all medical and medicine options. Please pray that they open the trial back up and my son becomes apart of the study. I would love for my son to go without seizures, to hear him cry again, eat off a spoon again, and maybe hear him tell me he loves me.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/21/2016 10:20:49 AM

Barnwell County hospital closes its doors today at noon. Huge blow to county as well as 90 full time and 28 part time employees out of work. The employees were only notified on Tuesday.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/21/2016 09:40:26 AM

We need jobs to survive. Pray for us.

Prayer Request

Anonymous posted on 01/21/2016 09:38:53 AM

Pray for a babysitter for our oldest daughter and her baby.

Prayer Request

Rhonda posted on 01/21/2016 09:26:10 AM

Please pray for my chronic headaches. Doctor thinks it's severe sinus issues, and I am on quite a few medications for this. I am a nurse, and I am usually comfortable helping and treating other sick people, but I don't like to ask for help or care for myself. This is difficult for me, especially with 4 kids and a wonderful husband that I love to care for. I have been so fatigued and in pain, and this leaves me snappy and short-tempered, and I don't like feeling this way. Please pray that these medications will start giving me some relief, and that the Lord will heal these issues.