Home Free!

Home Free!

Imagine being able to skip your mortgage or rent for a month. That would free up some money in your budget! You could take a vacation, pay other obligations or put it away for a rainy day. Peachtree Pools & Spas is giving you a chance to win one month's mortgage or rent payment (up to $1,000) with Home FREE!

Here's How to Win:

1. Listen for the Home Free cue-to-call in the 7 am*, 12 pm and 4 pm hours weekdays between now and May 24th. When you hear it, call (844) 599-8830. *No qualifiers in the 7 am hour on Fridays.

2. A randomly selected caller will get a chance to open a tiny door in our studio with one of three keys. If your selected key opens the door, you will win a $50 home improvement gift card and be entered into the weekly drawing for one month's mortgage or rent.

3. On Friday mornings at 7:40, John & April will reveal which randomly selected qualifier will receive one month's free mortgage or rent (up to $1,000), courtesy of Peachtree Pools and Spas.

Thanks to our business ministry partner, Peachtree Pools and Spas, for making Home FREE! possible. They are located at 1609 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta, SC 29841. Their phone number is (803) 279-1080, and their website is www.peachtreepoolsandspas.com.

**Special Contest Rules: All standard 88.3 WAFJ Contest Rules apply. You may only qualify one time for the mortgage/rent drawing during the duration of this contest. If your name is selected as the weekly winner of the mortgage/rent payment, you must answer the phone when we call you in the 7 am hour on the Friday your name is drawn. If we do not receive an answer, another winner will be chosen.**