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Culpepper Lumber Company has continuously operated for over 54 years in Thomson, Georgia, and now in Evans, Georgia. The company's longevity is a testament to the Culpepper family's priority of satisfying their customers' business needs. Our forte is supplying homebuilders, remodelers, and businesses with top-quality products and services. This, coupled with our convenience, reliability, and helpful advice, is why we deserve a chance at being your supplier of building materials. Other core business for Culpepper Lumber Company includes providing complete lumber and building material packages to contractors as well as commercial and industrial supplies to area businesses. We offer competitive pricing while providing quality products that give the builder and remodeler a decisive edge in the marketplace. An impressive array of hardware, electrical, and plumbing supplies, plus cleaning and maintenance items stocked at sufficient levels gives our commercial and industrial customers quick and convenient access to the items they need for routinely maintaining their operations.

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