Weekend to Remember

Weekend to Remember

Weekend to Remember

October 18th-20th
Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center

You fell in love. But real life wasn’t far behind.

Our two-and-a-half day romantic weekend entices you to invest in and strengthen your marriage – no matter how firm or fragile.

You’re finally getting away–to get back to what matters.

“What will we learn?”

  • Handle issues well as they arise, rather than letting resentment fester
  • Express feelings positively, so your partner remains engaged
  • Maintain a vital sexual connection
  • Resolve conflict in healthy, productive ways
  • Forgive freely and completely
  • Increase your commitment–and your closeness

Register today at www.familylife.com/weekend-to-remember and use promo code SAVE50 to save half off!

Ticket Prices

  • $175*


    Price is per person. Use promo code SAVE50 to save half off!

*Additional fees and taxes may apply

Door Open Times

All Doors
5:00 PM
* All Door Times Are Approximate *

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