Dare To Be A Daniel

Posted on Jan 25, 2022 by Jenny Bender

“Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone...dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known.” Do you remember singing that song as a kid? Daniel lived in a time in history when following God wasn’t considered cool, popular or even legal in some instances. He was constantly bombarded with the temptation to compromise his faith & obedience to God. Sound familiar?  

You don’t have to look very far in today’s world and culture to see the similarities between some of the pressures that Daniel faced and the pressures that we face as Christ followers. There are countless ways that we could compromise what we know to be right. The world is constantly telling us that we need to accept & condone things that directly oppose what we read in God’s word. 

It took courage for Daniel to stand up to those who tried to get him to abandon his commitment to God, and it takes courage for us to stand firm in our commitment to Him, too. Sometimes we’ll be mocked and made fun of for choosing God’s way over the world’s way (Matthew 5:10-12) Stay strong! It’s a powerful witness for Christ when we don’t waver. Daniel was determined not to give in, even when he was faced with being thrown into a den of lions! Like Daniel, we can stand firm in obedience to God’s way, and refuse to compromise or turn away.  

Daniel’s steadfast commitment to the Lord had a pretty incredible impact on everyone he met – even King Darius himself. In fact, when Daniel was willing to face death in a lions den rather than worship anyone else besides the Living God, King Darius ended up proclaiming the greatness of God and issued a decree for EVERYONE to worship the one true God who had saved Daniel! (Daniel 6:26-27)  

As followers of Christ, we’re going to be bombarded with the world’s opinions, and the temptation to turn away from the truth of His word. But, when we choose faithful obedience to the Lord, the opinions of the world seem a lot less important compared to standing up for what’s right in God’s eyes. Charles Stanley says, “Conviction about God’s truth is like an anchor.” We know that God’s word IS truth (John 17:17) and gives us light & understanding (Psalm 119:130.) We know thateverything in this world will pass away, but God’s word will last forever. (Isaiah 40:8)  It won’t always be easy or popular to be a Daniel in today’s world. But God has promised to equip and strengthen us! (Hebrews 13:21, Isaiah 40:29)  

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  1. Michele Pibder:
    Jan 27, 2022 at 08:43 PM

    Wow!! This is so on time. I was given the challenge to begin a Daniel Fast for the last few weeks. And during the Fast I decided to reread a book that I purchased several years ago. The title is Leading The way Through Daniel by Michael Youssef.
    Thank you Jenny for confirming that I was on the right track. I haven't totally stuck to just fruits, veggies & water but I am trying my best.
    Michael Pinder

  2. Michelle Williamson:
    Jan 28, 2022 at 08:08 AM

    I was a Daniel all my life. I left home at 16. Got married ,started a family. Lived pretty normal for 12 years in this family. Divorced for unrecocilable differences. Set out to make a home for my 2 children and I. Little did I know I was looking for love in ALL the wrong places and too many faces. After having two more children out of wed lock. I found myself trapped into a less than Godly lifestyle in order to keep a roof over my families head. (Short version fleshy lifestyle) God woke me up after my children were all grown with children of their own. Seven grands in all, so far. I realised I was Daniel in the lions den through it all. Had it not been for Mom teaching me how to teach children in children's church as a child with my brother. I wouldn't have know those scriptures I quoted all my life that protected me from the enemies fiery farts. Oh, I felt the burn but, never was touched to my core. The Word really does get written on the tablet of our hearts. It's deffinately what braught me back to the foot of the cross. Thank you Holy Trinity for never letting me go. I love you Father God!

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