Which Way, God?

Posted on Dec 07, 2022 by Jenny Bender

Here’s a throwback for ya: remember the days before a GPS, when we had to actually PRINT directions from Mapquest? *gasp* I’m so dependent on my GPS that I seriously don’t think I could function without it now. This week, I’ve been in Greenville, South Carolina, visiting one of our 88.3 WAFJ sister stations during their Sharathon. When I needed directions to their station, I went to Apple Maps. When I needed to find the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts (which, by the way, is right across the street – won’t God do it?!) I went to Apple Maps. Many times during my travels this week, I’ve thought about how much more convenient a GPS has made my life. It’s such a cool thing because it not only tells you where to go, but it alerts you when there’s an accident ahead; if you get turned around, it’ll automatically re-route you, and if you’re headed towards heavy traffic or other hazards, it’ll guide you another way to avoid them. 

On the drive back to Augusta on Tuesday night, it was super foggy and I missed a turn. I was on a back road in the middle of nowhere and had no clue where I was.I *thought* I knew which way to go to get going in the right direction, but the more I tried to navigate without the GPS, the more turned around I got and it became evident that I needed help to get where I needed to go. So, I turned my trusty olApple Maps on and trusted it to re-route me, because I knew that it had information that I didn't have. Sure enough, one turn at a time, the GPS guided me back in the right direction and I arrived safely at my destination.  

I can’t even count all the times that I’ve been wanting and waiting for God to move me into or out of a particular situation in life. “This is the way I want to go, Lord,” I prayed over and over again. “Why is it taking so long for my prayer to be answered, Lord?” I don’t think it’s wrong to ask God those questions; it’s part of what makes us child-like. (I picture Him driving the van and I’m the kid in the backseat, constantly asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!?”) When you’re waiting for resolution or direction in a certain circumstance, that “spinning your wheels” feeling of things going nowhere can be super frustrating, can’t it?  

It's so easy in those times to forget that His ways are higher, His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His plans & timing are always best. God sees the bigger picture of our lives; He knows things that we don’t. If you’re worried that life isn’t working out according to your own plan or timeline, there's no need to worry! Turn off your own GPS and ask the Lord to show you HIS way. Has your life gotten off track? Guess what...ALL of our lives get off track sometimes! You’re not alone – and you’re never too lost for Jesus to step in and guide you once again. Trust that He’s directing your path, steering you away from the wrong things and toward the right things. He delights in EVERY detail of your life, and He’s holding you by the hand every step of the way. (Psalm 37:23-24) Trust that He has your best destination at heart and He'll get you exactly where He wants you to be, all in His perfect timing. Follow His lead, one turn at a time.  

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  1. Fabeula:
    Dec 08, 2022 at 07:59 PM

    Wonderful words of encouragement and truth. We need God in every aspect of our lives: in the decisions we make and the paths we take. He will not steer us wrong. He loves us too much. Thank you for the words of encouragement. May God continue to use you for His service.

  2. Debbie-Sue Jackson:
    Dec 09, 2022 at 10:29 AM

    Jenny, you are not the only one relying on the GPS apps LOL. My phone gets plugged into the car and that map comes up no matter where I am going Just in Case my mind wanders off about where I am going or there is something I should know about up ahead. I love the idea of listening to God as our GPS, because He certainly can and will reroute us no matter how much we wander off — we just have to listen. Hope you have a lovely day and stay safe, Debbie-Sue

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