GOOD NEWS: Alabama Man Anonymously Pays Strangers' Pharmacy Bills For Over A Decade

Posted on Jan 30, 2023 by Jenny Bender

Hody Childress was known as a quiet, humble farmer in his town of Geraldine, Alabama. Folks knew him to be kind, but no one realized just how far his kindness & generosity went until after Mr. Childress passed away on January 1st, 2023.

At that time, it was revealed that for a decade, Hody had been donating $100 dollars each month to his local pharmacy, to help cover the cost of medication for anyone who couldn't afford it. Brooke Walker, who owns the pharmacy, shares that Mr. Childress' generosity came with two very strict stipulations: he did not want to know who received his help, and he didn't want anyone to know that it came from him. "Just tell them that it's a blessing from God," he instructed Brooke to tell curious customers. 

For years, Brooke was the only one who knew Hody's secret - and it almost died with him, but he revealed it to his children just before he passed away. They weren't surprised. "Daddy did a lot for everybody, and there's more to him than this story." 

Mr. Childress' generosity is still inspiring the people of his community, with others now donating to the Hody Childress pharmacy fund to continue paying it forward. 

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