He Thought He Was A Problem Until His Teacher Saw His Potential

Posted on Jan 31, 2023 by Jenny Bender

Clint Pulver never understood why he had trouble sitting still in class - and it often landed him in trouble at school. Most of his teachers had labeled him a problem child, until one teacher realized that Clint didn't have a problem: he had potential.

Clint had been sent to the principal's office several times for his incessant fidgeting in class. Then, one day, instead of sending Clint to the office, one teacher asked Clint to stay after class. Clint thought he was in trouble (again), but instead, his teacher, Mr. Jensen, pulled a set of drumsticks out of his desk drawer and handed them to Clint. 

"You're not a problem," Mr. Jensen told Clint. "I think you're a drummer." 

From that day on, Clint excelled in playing the drums, going on tour with national recording artists and playing venues around the world...all because Mr. Jensen looked beyond a problem and saw potential. 

God has a special plan for your life, just like he had a special plan for Clint's life. God created you on purpose and He has given you special gifts, talents, skills and abilities. Potential can sometimes be disguised as a problem...if you're facing a problem in life, ask God to turn it around and help you reach your full potential for His glory! 

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