MOM HACK-Get Out The Door On Time Each Morning With Your Kids

Posted on Jan 11, 2023 by April Sather

A mom share her organizing hack on social media that has helped her kids get themselves ready and out the door on time without arguements on what they should wear. No scrambling to find shoes either! Sound like a dream?! This is what she came up with...

Get six plastic stacking drawers for each child. You can find them at any big box store. Decorate them aand personalize them for each child. Then label the drawers. On Sunday night, each week, check the weather for the week and pick out outfits for your kids to wear with their help. Have them put an outfit in the drawers for each day of the week, including socks & underware. Shoes go in the bottom drawer. Backpack goes on top each night, ready for the next day. When the kids wake up in the morning they go to their drawers and grab their outfit for the day and get ready. Having their backpack in the same place each day helps them to grab it quickly on the go. BRILLIANT!

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